Do You Suffer From Super Hero Syndrome?

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We live in a world of constant pressure and unrealistic expectations. The super heroes of our youth and the heroes in the media today have warped our sense of what is realistic and what is humanly possible. While it’s sometimes difficult for us to admit that we’re human, many people I work with have difficulty understanding why they overwork. Think … Read More

Do You Suck at Hiring and Firing?

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Hiring and evaluating new team members is a challenge for most entrepreneurs – and often an even greater challenge for overcommitted entrepreneurs. We’re often in such a rush to make a decision and get someone – anyone – onboard that we neglect to use some of the best practices. The focus today, when talking about jobs, is almost always on … Read More

First Quarter Review: Charting Your Trajectory

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As business leaders, we are always paying attention to the results we are getting in our companies. We generally have a pretty good idea of where we are at any given moment. But if we’re really going to be LEADERS, we also have to be clear about the trajectory our business is on. This isn’t quite the same as having … Read More

Do You Love Your Business Like I Do?

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People often ask why I named this company Loving Leaders. After all, it is an odd name for a company serving executives and entrepreneurs, right? The truth is, I was tired of seeing the greed, the stress, the intimidation, the manipulation and the value extraction of the current leadership paradigm. I knew we needed an entirely new leadership paradigm – … Read More

A Season For Everything

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Are you strategically and proactively planning for the seasonality of your business? Every single business I’ve worked with experiences a seasonal impact. Most people think the only organizations with seasonal impact are industries like farming and retail, etc. But consulting firms, creative and design agencies, technology companies, financial institutions, airlines, etc. also experience a seasonality. Small to medium sized business … Read More

Can You Envision Your Future in the Midst of Chaos?

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With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays and ending the year, it’s time to set your vision and goals for next year. The holidays often provide down time – time for reflection. They can also generate inordinate amounts of stress, making it hard to find the time, or the desire, to reflect. As a leader for your organization, … Read More