How to Manage Stress Based on Your Brain Type

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This article originally appeared on Stress is so common that many people think it’s normal for an entrepreneur to experience it on a daily basis, but constant stress is not sustainable. Working with a coach to create maintainable systems and proactively handle business requirements can help transform your business into a stress-occasionally environment. In my last article, I introduced … Read More

8 Reasons Why Creatives Will Rule the World

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This article originally appeared on RIGHT-BRAINERS, YOUR TIME HAS COME–THIS IS THE AGE OF THE CREATIVE MIND. In the not-too-distant future, creatives will rule the world. I’m not just saying this because I consider myself a creative. The interconnected systems we use to function in business and society, whether in communication, transportation, design, finance, and more, are increasing in … Read More

Ask the Coach: How Do I Hire the Right Creative?

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This week in the Ask the Coach column, we’ll focus on hiring creatives. Sally writes, “When hiring employees for creative roles, what should you be looking for?” And, “What are the top three interview questions you should ask and what are the answers you want to hear?” Sally, congratulations on asking two really important questions. Most people think they know … Read More

Radio: The 3 Biggest Challenges Startups Face

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Last week I recorded a radio show with Alison B. Gerlach, The Unapologetic Capitalist. Please listen in: The Unapologetic Capitalist is a forum to cultivate and encourage the building of significant long-term value in any venture. This is a place for entrepreneurs, business executives, consultants, and anyone who is compelled by innovation and free enterprise. The Unapologetic Capitalist is … Read More

Determining Your Entrepreneur Style and Getting Past Your Business Blind Spots

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This article originally appeared on Entrepreneurs are leaders who can see into the future with inspired vision, championing highly competent teams to make the seemingly impossible possible. That is the intent at least. There are times when you may feel overwhelmed, work harder instead of smarter and generally fear that you’re doing it wrong. The truth is, whether you … Read More

Eight Time Buckets Required for Happy, Creative Entrepreneurs

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This article originally appeared on LinkedIn here. All right-brain entrepreneurs struggle with time management. However, it’s important to pay attention to each of the time buckets that are required to maintain a healthy business and lifestyle. Time buckets are the allocated timeframes that you spend doing certain everyday things and they may vary slightly depending on your business or the … Read More

The 3 Reasons Why Creative Entrepreneurs Always Struggle

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Every business owner sabotages their business – often without knowing it. Innovators + Influencers like us are no exception. Why does this happen when surely we “know better”? It happens because we all have personal blind spots that prevent us from running our businesses well. These blind spots cause us to make decisions and take actions that do not move … Read More

What’s Next?

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I Love My Work In my last blog post I wrote that I was throwing in the towel and shutting my business down. But, that doesn’t mean I’m going away, because I absolutely love what I do. I love coaching bright, successful innovators and influencers to even greater success. If I won the lottery I would still get up everyday and help others … Read More

I’m Throwing in the Towel….and Launching a New Business!

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I quit. Yes, me, the executive coach who’s been at this game for over 15 years and who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs turn their businesses around, I’m throwing in the towel on my business. Why? It’s Time to Pivot. How Do I Know? The hallmark of a great entrepreneur is knowing when to pivot. Knowing when to zig or … Read More