Are You Feeling Trapped By Your Business?

Michael O. "Coop" CooperRight BrainLeave a Comment

Last week I met with Bob, who owns a small business and wanted to talk with me because he felt trapped by his business.

He started his business several years ago and has lost sight of his original vision. He's overwhelmed by his very long to do list. And while he enjoys the freedom of being his own boss, he feels anything but free.

Most business owners start their businesses because they crave freedom. Right brain entrepreneurs crave freedom and making an impact more than anything else. Yet, hundreds of entrepreneurs I've worked with in the past have felt trapped rather than free.

What most don't realize is they have built themselves a lovely little trap, called their business. And they perpetuate it every single day.

Everyone likes to think their business or situation is unique, but being trapped comes from very specific habits and beliefs that contribute to the problem.

There is a way out, but it takes very personal work to identify and change your specific beliefs that are creating your trap and getting a better understanding of how you process information and make decisions so you can actually create the freedom you crave. (Hint: I am trapped is one of the hidden beliefs many people have.)

I wrote about several of our beliefs in a previous blog post.

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Have you ever felt trapped by your business? If so, please share what you did to change it or what you discovered in the comments below.