Why are Right Brain Entrepreneurs Constantly Overwhelmed?

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I've been working with right brained entrepreneurs for the past 15 years, and nearly every single one of them stays stuck in a pattern of overwhelm. Yet, most of them have no idea why they stay overwhelmed. It really comes down to habits. Yes, staying overwhelmed is a habit. These habits stem from the way we process information and our belief systems.

Because right brainers can handle more complexity than left brainers, we tend to make things more complex than they really are. One of the ways we do that is by saying YES to new ideas or tasks or action items without evaluating how much time and effort it will take to complete them. (Hint: A left brainer would never do this.)

To make things even more complex, we don't evaluate how much we have on our plate before we say yes to those new ideas, tasks, or action items. This compounds the problem.

All that is built on top of our belief systems.

The belief patterns most right brain executives and entrepreneurs have that contribute to their chronic overwhelm are:I can do more than most people.

  • I can do more than is humanly possible.
  • I’m smart enough that I ought to be able to figure all this out.
  • I can’t find good people to do the work I need them to do.
  • I can’t afford the help I need.
  • It’s important to stay busy.
  • I can do things faster and better than other people can.
  • If I don’t do it, it won’t get done.
  • If I want it done right I have to do it myself.
  • I’m uncomfortable saying No.

We wear many of these beliefs as badges of honor. We take pride in our ability to do more than most people can. However, this may work extremely well when you are bootstrapping a business or in startup mode, but it severely limits our ability to grow and expand when we can no longer do it all.  (I've discovered a shamanic energy medicine technique that actually changes those belief patterns and I'll demonstrate it on a free webinar on October 10th - see below!)

We become so accustomed to stress that most of us think overwhelm is a natural and normal state. Or even if we don’t think it’s natural and normal, we think it is a necessary part of being in business.

But every right brain executive and entrepreneur I talk with started their business so they could enjoy freedom. Overwhelm is a trap. It is the opposite of freedom.

Overwhelm is a signal that we are stressed. And when we are stressed it’s limits our field of vision. It prevents us from being strategic, even though we think we are. Eventually it prevents us from remaining competitive and relevant, which leads us to work even harder, resulting in becoming even more overwhelmed. It’s a vicious cycle.

If you expect to be overwhelmed as a business owner, you are setting up yourself and your business for failure.

If you want to learn what to do about this, please attend the teleclass on Thursday, October 10th at noon PT/3pm ET.The class will be approximately 75 minutes long.

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