Why is organizational change so difficult?

Michael O. "Coop" CooperChangeLeave a Comment

Most executives and leaders want some kind of change in their businesses, but struggle with all sorts of approaches, advice or options while rarely making change stick long term. We've all been there and think change is really difficult.

The truth is that most leaders don't know how change works!  Change happens on seven levels and you must work on several levels to ensure that change can happen. The levels are:

  1. Subconscious / Spirit
  2. Identity
  3. Beliefs & Values
  4. Thoughts
  5. Capabilities & Skills
  6. Behaviors
  7. Environmental

In your organization, which of these levels require the change? Are you focusing your efforts, resources and attention on the appropriate levels of change? Most organizations try to change at the behavioral level, but behaviors are built from the way we think, our beliefs and our identities. They may also be controlled by our subconscious, which, until now, has been difficult to access. (See the MindMafia Mapping Method for more information on accessing the subconscious.)

So, the next time you want change, take an inventory of what must change and which levels of change are required to maximize your time and investment.  And if your identity of being a good leader the status quo in critical areas, you'll need to envision a new identity that embraces and supports the change long term.

Special note: If you require change on ANY level, the levels below it must also change in some way.