I Love My Work

In my last blog post I wrote that I was throwing in the towel and shutting my business down. But, that doesn’t mean I’m going away, because I absolutely love what I do. I love coaching bright, successful innovators and influencers to even greater success.

If I won the lottery I would still get up everyday and help others and try to make a difference with the exact same people I serve now. Of course I’d do more traveling, help out more friends, and invest even more in businesses and causes that I believe in. Because for me, being in business is really about being of service and making a difference.

I consider myself a humble servant who has found my life’s work and will continue to do this until the day I die. (Retirement sounds so boring to me!)

What’s My Pivot?

My clients are asking me to change in some pretty amazing ways. They’re asking me to stretch and grow and help them in ways that I never imagined. I’m so grateful that they trust me with their businesses and they share their secrets and dreams with me. So here’s what they are asking for now and what I’m doing to respond. 

What my clients are asking for now:  How I’m responding: 
Teach me how my Innovator and Influencer brain type works and what that means for my business – including identifying my blind spots and the business requirements that I naturally avoid. I am introducing a BrainType assessment next month to identify the specific type you have, how it processes information, how you naturally make decisions, which blind spots you have, what you naturally avoid and how you deal with stress and conflict. Along with a 35-page report and action plan, I will coach you to address your blind spots and neglected business requirements. 

Teach me and my team how to identify all four brain types and how to work with each of them effectively. Teach us how to manage or sell to different brain types. 

I am completing a training course that will teach how to quickly identify each BrainType and how to communicate to  and sell to each type based on motivators, fears, information needs, stress responses and conflict styles. 

I’m curious! Teach me about Innovators and Influencers and what makes them tick.

I will be blogging and sharing content on social media about the Innovator and Influencer brain type and how we operate. Be sure to check out my blog frequently and join my facebook page

You work with lots of businesses. Tell me what you’re noticing as patterns and what other people are dealing with right now. 

Because all of my coaching work is confidential, I can’t share specifics, but I will be sharing trends, what I’m noticing and the patterns that business owners are dealing with in my newsletter and on social media. Sign up here

Help me uncover the hidden beliefs that are blocking my creativity, contributing to problems for my business and sabotaging my success.

Last year I introduced ShiftingBeliefs energy medicine to many of my clients for the first time after studying the technique for 3 years. It’s an amazing way to discover and change the hidden beliefs that are holding you back, interfering with your success, fueling your fears and creating emotional distress. I now offer this work as a standalone coaching package and include it in all of my coaching sessions, when appropriate. Clients report remarkable, lasting shifts quickly. 
Help me understand my potential and my gifts and how to harness them to make the world a better place. I now help innovators and influencers identify their gifts – what they sense or see without any effort – and how to package that into a lucrative business service offering that makes a difference in the world, including identifying the audience who naturally craves it and how to connect with them emotionally. 

As an executive, I don’t get enough feedback on my leadership. Can you help me become a better leader?

I have developed a comprehensive 100-point leadership assessment that identifies strengths, growth areas and blind spots. In addition, I observe leaders in their environment and identify interpersonal challenges, strategy gaps and blind spots. I coach leaders to develop skills, understand their challenges, develop emotional intelligence and how to influence employees naturally to increase employee engagement and productivity.  

Help me stay inspired and focused on making my difference in the world by learning vicariously from other people just like me.

I’m launching a digital magazine this Spring that features inspiring stories of Innovators and Influencers, their struggles, their lessons, the secrets to their success and their untapped potential. Sign up to be notified when the magazine launches or suggest someone to feature in the magazine!
I’m at least partially an introvert. Help me connect with other like-minded innovators and influencers who are dealing with the same issues or concerns I have. (But not in a big, hyped-up, mega-seminar sort of way.) Starting in March, I’m hosting a very casual monthly community gathering of Innovators and Influencers in San Francisco so that you can network, share ideas, collaborate and pick each others’ brains about business or any other topic. We’ll have a speaker at some of the events, but the focus is on getting to know other innovators and influencers and to ease the isolation that many feel. Sign up to be on the guest list. If there is enough demand, we’ll start these meetups in other cities.
Help me make a bigger impact on the world with my business.  I have created a new year-long coaching package focused exclusively on equipping you with the skills for making a global impact, called the Global Impact Coaching Program. In addition to leadership coaching, I will facilitate an executive team strategy session every quarter to help you keep your team focused and in action. 
Teach me or my employees coaching skills because it’s so effective at creating change, improving productivity and solving problems.  I am building introductory, intermediate and advanced Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers courses this Spring. Stay tuned for more info. 
Guide me to transform my business so that it doesn’t burn me out or stress me out financially any more.  I am helping entrepreneurs identify the core problems, systems and habits leading to burnout and financial distress and coaching them to change their systems and habits to create a business they love that is rejuvenating vs. draining.  
Teach my managers and employees how to identify the source of problems and stop wasting time and money dealing with the symptoms of problems. I am putting the finishing touches on a training course called “How to Identify and Define Problems using the Problem Filter Technique” that will quickly cut through confusion and guarantee to teach you how to identify the source of problems, to reduce wasted time, money and frustration. This course will be offered to the public every other month and on-site for companies. I believe this is the most important business skill you can learn. 
Help me get my team on the same page. We’re all over the place. I’ve got a really smart team, but I can’t manage to keep them focused.  I facilitate meetings to help teams get aligned on what’s important, who owns which priorities, when tasks, deliverables and outcomes are due and how to track progress as a group. 
Help me get my team focused and energized. Everyone is near burnout. We need some inspiration, but we don’t want some cheesy motivational speaker! I design and facilitate group meetings to crowdsource what’s important to your team members, which challenges they face and how to solve them based on their interest and passion. Spend time on something your employees actually want to do – improve the business and their situation –  rather than waste money on “fluff.”


What Do You Think?

I’d love to hear what you think about my pivot. Please feel free to comment below or email me. 

Is It Time for Your Pivot?

I’m sharing this information because it’s a good business practice to listen to your clients and audience and give them what they want. If you need help determining how to pivot your business, let me know. I’m happy to help. 

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