First Quarter Review: Charting Your Trajectory

Michael O. "Coop" CooperCoaching, LeadershipLeave a Comment

As business leaders, we are always paying attention to the results we are getting in our companies. We generally have a pretty good idea of where we are at any given moment.

But if we're really going to be LEADERS, we also have to be clear about the trajectory our business is on. This isn't quite the same as having goals or a vision. It's actually measuring whether or not you are on course for that vision.

How do you know what trajectory your business is on right now?

It's pretty simple, really. Look at your financials, including your number of clients or orders so far this year, and multiply it by 4.

If you were to do the same things in future quarters that you're doing right now, this is what your year will look like. What you are currently doing, the current results you are producing, represents the trajectory of your business.

Is that what you want? Are you on course for your goals and vision?

If not, what are the top three things you can do to change the trajectory so that you can more easily meet the goals you set for this year?

These don't necessarily have to be huge things, or even difficult to implement.

Sometimes just a little shift in direction produces an entirely different result over time. Just like a shift of just a few degrees in the trajectory of an airplane's path can mean the difference between landing at your vacation destination or a hostile country, a slight shift in the direction of your business now can mean a dramatic difference in results by the end of the fourth quarter.

So, what are those top three things you can do, change, or implement to change your trajectory to be on course for your destination? And when would you like to begin making those changes? (Hint: the right answer is "Now".)