Ask the Coach: How Do I Hire the Right Creative?

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This week in the Ask the Coach column, we’ll focus on hiring creatives. Sally writes, “When hiring employees for creative roles, what should you be looking for?” And, “What are the top three interview questions you should ask and what are the answers you want to hear?” Sally, congratulations on asking two really important questions. Most people think they know … Read More

Determining Your Entrepreneur Style and Getting Past Your Business Blind Spots

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This article originally appeared on Entrepreneurs are leaders who can see into the future with inspired vision, championing highly competent teams to make the seemingly impossible possible. That is the intent at least. There are times when you may feel overwhelmed, work harder instead of smarter and generally fear that you’re doing it wrong. The truth is, whether you … Read More

Eight Time Buckets Required for Happy, Creative Entrepreneurs

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This article originally appeared on LinkedIn here. All right-brain entrepreneurs struggle with time management. However, it’s important to pay attention to each of the time buckets that are required to maintain a healthy business and lifestyle. Time buckets are the allocated timeframes that you spend doing certain everyday things and they may vary slightly depending on your business or the … Read More

Why are Right Brain Entrepreneurs Constantly Overwhelmed?

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I’ve been working with right brained entrepreneurs for the past 15 years, and nearly every single one of them stays stuck in a pattern of overwhelm. Yet, most of them have no idea why they stay overwhelmed. It really comes down to habits. Yes, staying overwhelmed is a habit. These habits stem from the way we process information and our … Read More

The 4 Roadblocks for Right Brain Entrepreneurs and Executives

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If you’re a right brain entrepreneur or executive, the odds are stacked against you. In most Western cultures, business is structured as a left-brain activity.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out and be wildly successful. In fact, it means it’s easier for you to stand out…and hence be wildly successful. In fact, what business desperately needs right now … Read More

Are You Baffled By the Emerging Changes in Your Sales Process?

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Working across multiple industries, including advertising, public relations, design, software development, gaming, etc. often gives me unique insights into emerging trends that most people may think are isolated to their particular field or profession. One trend I’m noticing now is that the sales process is changing in each of these industries. It’s not just that the sales cycle has nearly … Read More

Do You Suck at Hiring and Firing?

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Hiring and evaluating new team members is a challenge for most entrepreneurs – and often an even greater challenge for overcommitted entrepreneurs. We’re often in such a rush to make a decision and get someone – anyone – onboard that we neglect to use some of the best practices. The focus today, when talking about jobs, is almost always on … Read More

First Quarter Review: Charting Your Trajectory

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As business leaders, we are always paying attention to the results we are getting in our companies. We generally have a pretty good idea of where we are at any given moment. But if we’re really going to be LEADERS, we also have to be clear about the trajectory our business is on. This isn’t quite the same as having … Read More

Do You Love Your Business Like I Do?

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People often ask why I named this company Loving Leaders. After all, it is an odd name for a company serving executives and entrepreneurs, right? The truth is, I was tired of seeing the greed, the stress, the intimidation, the manipulation and the value extraction of the current leadership paradigm. I knew we needed an entirely new leadership paradigm – … Read More