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Culture Quote from Netflix

“Over the years we learned that if we asked people to rely on logic and common sense instead of on formal policies, most of the time we would get better results, and at lower cost.” ~Patty McCord, Chief Talent Officer, Netflix

Culture Quote from Etsy

“Performance more often comes down to a cultural challenge, rather than simply a technical one.” ~Lara Hogan, Senior Engineering Manager of Performance, Etsy

Culture Quote from Wired Differently

“I used to believe that culture was ‘soft,’ and had little bearing on our bottom line. What I believe today is that our culture has everything to do with our bottom line, now and into the future.” ~Vern Dosch, author, Wired Differently

Culture Quote from Pardot

“Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur. Develop a strong corporate culture first and foremost.” ~David Cummings, Co-Founder, Pardot

Culture Quote from TOMS Shoes

“I think a large part of that is the fact that I’m a large believer in hiring the right people and giving them unbelievable amounts of power and autonomy.” ~Blake Mycoskie, Founder, TOMS Shoes

Culture Quote from Shopify

“Determine what behaviors and beliefs you value as a company, and have everyone live true to them. These behaviors and beliefs should be so essential to your core, that you don’t even think of it as culture.” ~Brittany Forsyth, VP of Human Relations, Shopify

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