Startup Coaching

Develop Leadership Skills & Optimize your Culture for Scaling

You’re leading a game-changing startup.
Are you optimizing your
culture for scaling?

4 Main Reasons Startups Don’t Scale


Not Optimizing for Scaling

Most cultures aren’t optimized for scaling. As a startup coach, I can help you develop the proven, science-backed culture skills to enable your startup leadership team to build a culture that can scale quickly. Do it early or pay significant costs — and time — to fix it later.


Inadequate Leadership Skills

Leading so that people want to follow you is really difficult. It takes the right mindset, skills and tools — and just the right coaching from a startup advisor — to build a cohesive team willing to go all in to pull off your moonshot. 


Poor Product-Market Fit

Too many startups and their products fail. Co-developing minimum viable products or services and then refining them to make sure demand increases takes the right approach. Ignore this at your peril.


Founders' Personal Baggage

Unresolved personal issues around power, belonging and self-worth automatically get programmed into the company’s culture, becoming a nightmare for all involved. With my startup coaching, I can help you do the very hard but necessary deep, inner work to heal those wounds and build a much better culture and organization.

Need a Coach?

How Do You Know If You Need a Startup Coach?

What is Startup Coaching?

Running a recently funded startup is hard – especially without good help! Startup coaching provides support as a sounding board, asking tough questions that you may ignore or not ask yourself and suggestions from my experience working with 2,500 + leaders from 1,000+ organizations. 

90% of startups fail – mostly because leaders lack the proper leadership skills – let’s make sure your startup thrives and scales. 

How Do I Know if Startup Coaching Is Right for Me?

Startup coaching is specific set of frameworks and conversational skills designed to help you develop clarity, co-create a plan for change and to get into action quickly. If you need help creating change, developing your leadership skills, optimizing your culture for scaling or if you need an experienced sounding board to help you make progress, coaching may be right for you. Let’s talk.

Do You Only Work With Startups?

Over the past 33 years working as an executive coach and startup advisor, I have worked with organizations large and small, including Fortune 500 companies and small solopreneurs. But my favorite leaders to work with are recently funded startup founders with a game-changing mission.

Do You Invest In Startup Companies?

I am an investor in multiple startups. If I believe in your mission and you decide to hire me, I may invest a nominal amount in your business so that I have “skin in the game” and to demonstrate my commitment to your success and to participate in the rewards of our work together long-term. 

About Michael Cooper

Startup & Culture Coach

Coop has 22 years of coaching experience working with some of the best and brightest leaders in business today. He has coached 2,500+ executives and leaders in 1,000+ companies in 33 countries and trained 50,000+ people.

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Michael "Coop" Cooper

My Coaching Services

Here are just a few things that I can help you and your team with:




Leadership Development




Culture Development




Business Coaching




Team Facilitation

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Cellares Corporation

Creo Design



FrontRow Education

Glu Mobile


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Science Exchange

Social Glass

Sutro Machine



What Clients Say

“Coop helped us navigate many of the early challenges facing our business – selling to our first enterprise customer, hiring our first executive, building out our technology strategy, and most recently, articulating the right story to investors for our Series A financing.”

“Coop has helped us with fundraising, goal-setting, company processes, sales strategy, employee management, customer management, and how to set and maintain a healthy workplace culture.”

We have worked with Coop for a year now, and he has been insanely helpful on everything from high level strategy to detailed day-to-day management.

From all his work with early stage startups, Coop has incredible pattern recognition on everything we have run into. He can speak with a high level of detail towards what has worked and hasn’t worked at other companies, and can abstract away overarching principles to navigate virtually any situation. Specifically, Coop has helped us with fundraising, goal-setting, company processes, sales strategy, employee management, customer management, and how to set and maintain a healthy workplace culture. Coop has also recommended specific tools (e.g., neuroefficiency assessments) that have helped us work together better as a team.

One of the best and highest-return decisions we made was to start working with Coop, and I would strongly encourage any early stage company to do the same.

Nate Robert

Cofounder, Baton

Coop has been an invaluable resource for my executive team and I. As a first time founder trying to scale a new business during a global pandemic, I don’t know what I would have done without Coop’s strategic guidance and counsel.

When we started working together, Baton had no customers and no employees. Coop helped us navigate many of the early challenges facing our business – selling to our first enterprise customer, hiring our first executive, building out our technology strategy, and most recently, articulating the right story to investors for our Series A financing.

While Coop is a brilliant business thinker, the thing that sets him apart is his ability to counsel his clients through the emotional, personal, and interrelationship aspects of starting a business. He’s helped me identify and work through personal shortcomings and insecurities and grow as a leader.

Andrew Berberick

Cofounder, Baton

I worked with Coop as my executive coach for around a year. The engagement kicked off during a time period when my company went through a large re-org which more than doubled the size and scope of my group. This presented a lot of new challenges ranging from integrating the larger group together to managing internal stakeholder relationships to designing and rallying teams around multi-year strategies. At the same time, the company was going through a period of tremendous growth and working through integrating a large acquisition.

Coop’s coaching was invaluable in helping me work through many challenges and opportunities that came out of this period of growth. He provided clear insights, tools, and frameworks that were consistently actionable. He strikes the right balance between being supportive and challenging, and regularly kept me accountable and pushed me to always handle difficult items directly and effectively. He was helpful across the spectrum between day-to-day operational topics to multi-year strategic topics. I’d highly recommend working with him!

Chris Akhavan

Chief Revenue Officer, Glu Mobile

I’ve integrated 43 companies through M&A in my career and I’ve worked with a number of capable facilitators, however I have to say that Coop was instrumental in helping our team clarify our customer focus, the business problems that we solve, our go to market strategy and short-term execution plans during a recent leadership retreat. He actively listened, used his clever coaching skills and decades of experience working with similar teams to ask very challenging but critical questions, made sure every team member was heard and drove the team to align masterfully.

When things got heated, he diffused the situation quickly. He constantly read the room, captured notes for the team so we could stay present and focused, changed the agenda based on energy levels, changed the approach to a conversation when he saw the team devolving into chaos, made helpful suggestions for items we hadn’t planned to discuss and kept the team on track. Our entire team was surprised by how much we accomplished in a short period of time and they spoke very highly of Coop’s skills.

I look forward to working with him in the future and highly recommend him if you need to get your leadership team on the same page or clarify your strategy or execution plans.

Emilian Elefteratos

Head of Corporate Development, Ciox Health

Coop was a great resource for my co-founder and I during a period of significant growth at Science Exchange. He was instrumental in providing us with a sounding board for strategic decision-making, and on multiple occasions helped us work through important decisions in advance of presenting them to our Board and management team. During a period of radical change in our company, Coop’s coaching was invaluable in helping us move Science Exchange in the right direction.

Dan Knox

Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer, Science Exchange

I had the great pleasure of working with Coop last year. He’s a true master of human communication. His easy-going style and techniques make it easy to discuss and unravel complicated situations. Coop is great at advising through political situations and helping you “lean in” to push forward.

Ashraf Karim

Sr. Director, Head of Product, Customer Success, PayPal

Coop has been great at coaching me to become a better manager. He usually doesn’t just provide a solution to the issues that I have, but he actually makes me use my common sense and gut feeling to solve each of the problems that might arise. He has helped me create a very good framework to manage my direct reports differently based on their needs and brain types.

Martin Gontovnikas

Senior Vice President for Marketing & Growth, Auth0