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    Right brain entrepreneurs and executives face 4 distinct roadblocks. When you think about your business, are you focused, excited and energized? Or overworked, overcommitted, and continually depleted? Do you finish projects you start and shorten your to-do list every day? Or are you creating an ever-expanding list of unfinished projects and a to-do list that makes you want to look away? Do you hire great people but end up having to closely supervise – or even do – their work? Do you tend to put your own needs last, making sure everyone else gets taken care of first? If you recognize yourself in any of these patterns, download the free report to learn how to overcome them so your business can reach its potential and you can gain the freedom you crave.

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    Right brain executives and entrepreneurs have a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly changing business world. Unfortunately we’re so conditioned to value left-brain activity and knowledge over that of right brainers, we set ourselves up to make things harder, more time consuming, and more frustrating. One of the results is that we undervalue our gifts and don’t effectively monetize them, limiting our financial and business success. How your brain is hard-wired, including how you process information, make decisions, what motivates you and what you naturally avoid are the keys to leveraging your right brain power.

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    Everybody has fears and limting beliefs about themselves, their business, and their success. Much of the time we keep these a secret – and may even try to hide them from ourselves. Usually we aren’t consciously aware of our fears and beliefs, which means they are controlling our lives in ways we haven’t even considered. Fears and beliefs create your reality, which can either help or harm your business. Are your fears and beliefs holding your business back? What would be different if your beliefs actually supported you and your business? Change your beliefs and your situation will automatically change. Learn more about how I work with entrepreneurs to uncover their fears and limiting-beliefs and change them for good. Your business will thank you.
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    Have you ever wondered what you were here for? Or what you were really capable of? Most right brain entrepreneurs and executives want their work to have meaning…to be fulfilling. Yet most don’t know how to create this or how they are setting themselves up for dissatisfaction. BrillianceQuest is a 12-week coaching program that accesses your life purpose, your neuro-compatibility, your self-limiting beliefs and the internal conflicts that hold you back. By exploring these areas individually, and as part of a whole, we address and combine all of those into a Holistic Life Plan that allows you to harness your gifts, talents and wisdom for more joy, happiness, fulfillment – resulting in a fun and sustainable business built around you.


bikingbillboards“Makes me face the hardest parts so my business doesn’t suffer”

“Coop makes me face the parts of starting this business that are hardest for me and make me afraid. I’m capable of facing them, and his coaching is helping me see them for the challenges they are and addressing them, rather than ignoring them and letting my business suffer for that.”

Andrea Lieberman, Founder, BikingBillboards.com


“My work with Coop has been powerful over the years. Through our work together, he has helped me tap into my strengths both personally and professionally. Coop understands the blocks that binds creatives to their internal struggles and negative dialogue, and he helps to release those blocks through energy work and cognitive exploration. He has helped me tap into and cultivate my strengths and release the unconscious beliefs that have paralyzed me in certain aspects of my career. Our work together is giving me the tools to foster a more successful career and a harmonious personal life; but more importantly, my relationship with myself has never been stronger.”

Dana Goldberg
Professional Comedian, Writer, and Producer, www.danagoldberg.com